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From the Author's Desk: Happy New Year!


Happy New Year and...welcome to my blog! Or is this a newsletter? I have yet to decide. Whichever the case, this is my first one unless I change my mind and start hitting the delete button to erase this entire thing, so we'll just have to see.

To be honest, I've been thinking of doing this for quite a while now, but it's one thing to sit at a laptop and type out a story and quite another to sit down at a laptop and expose your inner thoughts to the world. Especially when my inner thoughts are often a jumbled and confusing mess, courtesy of my ADHD.

Plus, getting this whole thing started - well, it's just downright awkward. I mean, I like the idea of having a blog, but it feels like one of those instances where you're in a room with a bunch of people you've never met before, and someone has the bright idea that we need to go around in a circle and introduce ourselves—only now you don't know what to say and you're afraid that you are going to come across as the most boring person evveeerrr. And - it doesn't help that they have asked you to go first, so you have no clue what the others are going to say about themselves and now you're rambling...

So—if I'm going to do this, I guess I should just jump right in and get it done - yes?

Okay, so if you're reading this, then you either stumbled onto me by mistake or you followed a link from one of my social media accounts and I made you just curious enough to check me out (thank you, if you did!). If you've already clicked around on the website, you've learned I'm a fantasy writer who is currently working on a series of books about a demon grim reaper and that my first book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Reapers is scheduled to come out in October of this year! It feels funny to say THIS YEAR, but you'll get to see it exactly 10 MONTHS from today! And I simply cannot wait to share it with you!

Until then, I guess that's where this blog comes in. I named it "From the Author's Desk" because the plan is to give you a little insider look at not only the publishing process (I'm in the editing phase at the moment), but also the writing world since I have two other books I will be working on this year as well and possibly (as in, we'll have to see how it goes) maybe even another book. Plus, I do some freelance writing, so I may even discuss that some too.

Anyway, thanks for joining me on this journey, and if you made it to here, it means I didn't erase this and - I guess my blog has officially launched. <gulp>

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