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From The Author's Desk: My Cover Reveal Finally Happened!


I realize I’ve been remiss in updating this blog, but I promise it’s for a very good reason.

Well, two good reasons, actually. First, my cover reveal finally happened! It’s purple (my favorite color) and it’s absolutely perfect!!! I think it captures the essence of my book, which is dark humor, contemporary fantasy, and some comedy.

The second bit of news is that the ebook is up for Pre-Order!

The two events happened together, and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting either to happen quite this soon. I suspected maybe it would occur during the first month of June, but I got the news a few days before and when I woke up on Friday, there it was. It was surreal.

I mean….I have a book coming out in October!

Can you believe it!?

I also got my final galley proofs, which is when you get to see your manuscript all nice and formatted and it looks like...well, a REAL book. There’s even a dedication page, a bio, and an acknowledgement page.

Crazy, right!?

So...what happens next?

Well, I’m told that before too long my hardcover and paperbacks will be up for Pre-Order, and at some point, I will have a real live (okay, not live, but you know what I mean) copy of the book in my actual hand. An ARC (Advanced Review Copy), so I can see what it looks like when it all comes together.

It’s all very exciting and kind of scary at the same time. Even so, I’m so excited and I can’t wait for you to read it!

Until next time...


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