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From the Author's Desk: The Long Wait

Having a book traditionally published is a funny thing. Well, 'funny' probably isn't the right word for it, but work with me here.

You see, there are steps to all of it:


You write the book (that's the easy part).

You query the book (and query...and query...and query...).

You wait.

You get an agent (the odds were ever in your favor that day...Maybe you should have played the lottery).

You wait.

You get some edits and or revisions (it's backseat..not back seat. discover you're comma challenged).

You wait.

Your agent sends your manuscript out into the world (don't hold your breath'll pass out...)

You wait.

A publisher tells your agent they want your book (pass the smelling thoughts!)

You wait.

You get revisions from your editor (so...write the book you want to read because you'll have to read it 75 times).

You wait.

You do your edits (and hold your breath).

You wait.

You do another round of smaller edits (your still comma challenged and that little typo on page 93 finally got caught)

You wait for the final read through by your editor.<--- I am here.

You wait for the proofreader. (some mysterious person, who in my mind, is in the publisher's basement chained to a desk)

You wait for your book to be formatted. (I suspect this person is locked in the publisher's dungeon and only sees the light of day twice a year)

You wait for your cover reveal to happen. (Three or four months earlier..."Here's your galley. Isn't it great? Tell no one!!!)

You wait for your ARC. (which could be referring to a band of angels, but actually refers to your Advanced Review Copy)

You wait for readers to review your ARC. (which is much more nerve-wracking than opening night on Broadway (or so I'm told))

YOUR BOOK IS PUBLISHED!!! (Angels sing. The sun shines. A rainbow appears in the sky...)

The end...well, until you write the next book...


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