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From the Author's Desk: What I'm Currently Reading - Assistant to the Villain by Hannah Nicole Maehrer

I confess I hadn’t heard about this series until I had a few people tell me that the kind of humor I write reminded them of Assistant to the Villain by Hannah Nicole Maehrer.

Since I’ve had so much trouble finding books that are comparable to mine, I, of course, decided to check it out!

And I must say that it has not disappointed. I’m only a few chapters in, but I’m loving the story and the characters so far. (I promise I’ll do a proper review on it when I’m finished!)

Now—just so we’re clear. My story and HNM’s story are NOTHING alike. Two totally different ideas and concepts. But—the wit and the dark humor, yeah, I can see where the comparison might come in. And I’m flattered that people (shout out to my Beta Readers!) would see my story in the same light as hers. (And we’ll hope she feels the same way when my book comes out — lol.)

I have also discovered her on Tik Tok (and I'm very late to the party on that one because her videos have been going on for quite a while). If you haven't seen them, I suggest you check them out because they're funny and cute, and a lot of fun to watch. They kind of give you a sneak peek into the characters of the book--or maybe the characters in the book are a sneak peek to her Tik Tok characters because from what I've read, they actually came first!

Anyway, if you haven’t read Assistant to the Villain, give it a try, and if you have—leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

Until next time,


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