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From the Author's...umm...Desk: Creating the Perfect Writing Space

See the picture of the nice clean writing space? The one right over there....


THAT is what I want. What do I currently have? Well, not that.

At the moment, I’ve set up shop at the kitchen table. Yep, the author’s ‘desk’ I write behind is actually a round glass-top table. NOT the best for the business of writing. For one, the height is incorrect, so my neck and shoulders hurt. They hurt A LOT.

The other big problem is that working in the kitchen is like being in Grand Central Station—but worse. From where I sit, I hear every single sound that anyone makes from almost anywhere else in the house. And that includes phone calls, music, television, and even the disagreements between our two outdoor cats, who just cannot seem to get along because they hate each other. And, well, I’m about eight feet from the back door.

All of which has led to me to the decision to reclaim my former writing space in THE LOFT.

When we first moved here, THE LOFT was my favorite spot in the house. It has an octagon window that lets in just the right amount of sunlight, and it has a low ceiling on one side that gives it a kind of cozy feeling without making you feel claustrophobic. AND best of all, it’s quiet!

But—life happens. The space became needed for storing business records from a company we owned, and then there was some old equipment that got added, and on and on it went. Before too long, there was just a lot of stuff up there and it became one of those catch-all rooms where if you don’t want to donate it or toss it, and you’re sure you’ll use it again one day...well, let’s just put it in there.

And so it went, until the area was full of papers to be shredded because you can’t just toss employee files and business documents in the trash, and all the other stuff that “we’ll do something with one day, but not right now...”

Until this year.

I ‘sort of’ started working on THE LOFT last year, but I was still recovering from surgery and just didn’t have the energy to deal with it. I still don’t have a lot of energy (complications from said surgery will do that to you...), but it is slowly, ever so slowly, getting done! I got a bunch of junk, I mean, treasures to be donated out of there, and a brand new shredder to get rid of all those pesky files and documents.

The next question, of course, is how to redecorate? I want to give the walls a fresh coat of paint, and if I’m going to all the trouble, I’m thinking new desk, new chair, and....???

What would you put in YOUR perfect writing space?

Leave me a comment below and I’ll make sure to post some updates as the de-clutter and redecorate part of things progress!

Until next time...


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